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Orientation to ATE Survey 2014

In this webinar, EvaluATE staff will help ATE grantees prepare for the upcoming annual ATE survey (which takes place February 18 –...

ATE PI 2013- PreConference: Strategies for Meaningful Interpretation of ATE Evaluation Data

From Valuing to Visualization: Data Interpretation and Reporting

For evaluation reports to be meaningful and useful, clients and other stakeholders need to be able to find the forest of the...

The Nuts and Bolts of ATE Evaluation Reporting

In this webinar, we will give practical advice about evaluation reporting in the ATE context, including report content and structure, integrating evaluation...

ATE PI 2012- Pre-Con: ATE Evaluation: Measuring Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results

Establishing Claims and Providing Evidence of Effectiveness of ATE Grants

This worksheet can help the user to identify important information that will satisfy claims they make about their program.

E-valuation: Assessing Webinars, Social Media, and Website Usage

ATE grantees are using the Web for outreach, instruction, professional development, dissemination, and more.  As the Web becomes more central to the...

Making Sense of Your Evaluation Data

Sometimes what seemed crystal-clear when the evaluation of your grant was being planned gets a little fuzzy once the data are actually...

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