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Beyond Reporting: Getting More Value out of Your Evaluation*

If you’ve been a part of the ATE community for any time at all, you probably already know that ATE projects are required...

Three Questions to Spur Action from Your Evaluation Report

Evaluators are urged to make their evaluations useful. Project staff are encouraged to use their evaluations. An obvious way to support these...

How I Came to Learn R, and Why You Should Too!

A few years ago, I left my job on the research team at the Oregon Community Foundation and started working as an...

How Your Editor Is a Lot Like an Evaluator

I’m Cynthia Williams, editor and project manager at Dragonfly Editorial and owner of Style Sheets Editorial Services. Having worked with lots of...

Get the Most Out of Your Project Evaluation: A Checklist for Using Evaluation Findings

This 2020 checklist reviews 13 ways that project staff and other stakeholders can use evaluation findings throughout a project's lifecycle.

Collection of Quick Reference Guides

This collection includes over 50 evaluation quick reference guides that address evaluation planning, to data collection, to reporting. Quick reference guides are practical reference or resource materials such as checklists, worksheets, templates, info-graphics, cheat sheets, or even a table or page in a book

The 1:3:25 Format for More Reader-Friendly Evaluation Reports

I’m part of the EvaluATE team. I also lead evaluations as part of my work at Western Michigan University’s Evaluation Center, so...

One-Page Reports Video 1: An Intro to One-Page Reports

This is video 1 of 4 in our one-page report series. This video introduces one-page reports and why you might consider creating one.

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