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Collection of Quick Reference Guides

This collection includes over 50 evaluation quick reference guides that address evaluation planning, to data collection, to reporting. Quick reference guides are practical reference or resource materials such as checklists, worksheets, templates, info-graphics, cheat sheets, or even a table or page in a book

The 1:3:25 Format for More Reader-Friendly Evaluation Reports

I’m part of the EvaluATE team. I also lead evaluations as part of my work at Western Michigan University’s Evaluation Center, so...

One-Page Reports Video 1: An Intro to One-Page Reports

This is video 1 of 4 in our one-page report series. This video introduces one-page reports and why you might consider creating one.

One-Page Reports Video 2: Building the Foundation

This is video 2 of 4 in our one-page report series. This video walks through the basic foundations of creating a one-page report.

One-Page Reports Video 3: Visual Strategies

This is video 3 of 4 in our one-page report series. This video discusses using grids, creating an intentional path, creating visual hierarchies, and paying attention to white space.

One-Page Reports Video 4: Final Touches

This is video 4 of 4 in our one-page report series. This video talks about the final two steps for creating a one-page report: getting feedback and triple checking consistency.

Evaluation Questions Chart Chooser

This 2019 guide helps the user determine what type of chart to choose based on the evaluation quesiton.

Do’s and Don’ts: Basic Principles of Data Visualization

This 2019 guide provides the basic dos and don'ts for basic principles of data visualization.

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