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The 1:3:25 Format for More Reader-Friendly Evaluation Reports

I’m part of the EvaluATE team. I also lead evaluations as part of my work at Western Michigan University’s Evaluation Center, so...

One-Page Reports Video 4: Final Touches

In our final video, we talk about the final two steps for creating a one-page report: Get Feedback and Triple Check Consistency.

One-Page Reports Video 3: Visual Strategies

In this video, we talk about visual strategies including using grids, creating an intentional path, creating visual hierarchies, and paying attention to white space.

One-Page Reports Video 2: Building the Foundation

In this video, we will walk through the basic foundations of creating a one-page report.

One-Page Reports Video 1: An Intro to One-Page Reports

This is the first video in our one-page report series. We start out by talking about why you might consider creating a one-page report.

Evaluation Plan for ATE Proposals

This checklist provides information on what should be included in evaluation plans for proposals to the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. Grant seekers should carefully read the most recent ATE program solicitation (ATE Program Solicitation) for details about the program and proposal submission requirements.

Reporting in R

David Keyes from R for the Rest of Us created some videos for EvaluATE that show you a bit more about what R is...

Evaluation Communication, Use, and Timelines

This video is part five in the Evaluation: A secret sauce to your ATE proposal video series. In this video, we will...

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