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Distilling evaluation practice into 43 essential tasks

This poster summarizing results from a research study conducted by EvaluATE on evaluation tasks was presented at the 2022 American Evaluation Association conference. 

ATE PI Checklist for Getting Started with Your Evaluation Post-Award

This 2022 checklist is for PIs and co-PIs who are getting started with their evaluation after being funded.

Help! How do I find an external evaluator?

This slide deck is from a presentation at the High Impact Technology Conference in 2022. Aimed at project staff, it provides an...

Getting to Know an Evaluator: What Should I Ask?

This guide suggests questions for project staff to ask when interviewing evaluators. Project staff need to ensure that an evaluator has the...

Building Trust in Evaluations

Trust is integral to valuing evaluation results and findings. If stakeholders don’t trust your evaluation work, they will neither value it nor...

Measuring Diversity: A Snippet from the What Gets Measured Gets Done Webinar

This video is a clip of the May 2020 webinar. It covers example evaluation questions, indicators, and data collection methods.

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