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Strategies and Insights into Evaluation Plans for NSF ATE Proposals

Evaluation is an essential part of a successful NSF Advanced Technological Education proposal. In this webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of...

Guide to Navigating the Evaluator Procurement Process

This 2023 guide maps the potential pathways for procuring an evaluator depending on your institutional policies and restrictions.

Evaluation Essentials for Non-Evaluators

Submitting a proposal to the NSF ATE program can be overwhelming. One of the many proposal requirements is around evaluating your project...

Guide to Measuring DEI in ATE Projects

This quick reference guide was developed from Drs. Boyce and Tovey's 2021 webinar on measuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in ATE projects.

Sentiment Analysis Methodology

This 2022 video series provides an introduction to the method of sentiment analysis for analyzing themes in qualitative data.

Get the word out: Sharing your innovative practices, resources, and findings

This short video created in 2022 gives an overview of how to use the Dissemination Matrix to strategically identify platforms to share your work.

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