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I Am: More Than a Checkbox

Race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion, class, language, mental health – these characteristics and others make for complex...

Building Trust in Evaluations

Trust is integral to valuing evaluation results and findings. If stakeholders don’t trust your evaluation work, they will neither value it nor...

Strategies for Reporting Qualitative Evaluations

Using qualitative data in an evaluation can lead to a deeper understanding of why and how a project works. Quotations and stories...

Three Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Grant Proposal

During my twenty-plus-year professional career, I have participated in many grant applications. I have experienced the grant-seeking process from three perspectives: applying...

Measuring Diversity: A Snippet from the What Gets Measured Gets Done Webinar

This video is a clip of the May 2020 webinar. It covers example evaluation questions, indicators, and data collection methods.

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