EvaluATE Staff

Megan López

Co-Principal Investigator. Coordinates project research efforts, leads internal evaluation efforts, and leads efforts on the ATE Outcomes Bank.

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Boyce Headshot

Ayesha Boyce

Co-Principal Investigator. Leads study on diversity, equity, and inclusion in ATE evaluation.

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Photo of Tiffany Tovey outdoors

Tiffany Tovey

Leads study on reflective practice in ATE evaluation and contributes to study on equity, diversity, and inclusion in ATE evaluation.

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Kelly Robertson

Leads the ATE Evaluator Ambassador program and contributes to the development of training materials.

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External Evaluators

Lana Rucks

The Rucks Group

Michael FitzGerald

The Rucks Group

Kathleen Lis Dean

The Rucks Group

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