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Examining STEM Participation Through an Equity Lens: Measurement and Recommendations

Hey there—my name is Tashera, and I’ve served as an external evaluator for dozens of STEM interventions and innovations. I’ve learned that...

Communication Platforms for Data Collection & Stakeholder Engagement

This 2020 guide provides an overview of online platforms for data collection and stakeholder engagement.

Shift to Remote Online Work: Assets to Consider

I’m the principal partner of Education Design in Boston, focusing on STEM program evaluation. I first engaged in online instruction and design...

Data Cleaning Tips in R*

I recently came across a set of data cleaning tips in Excel from EvaluATE, which provides support for people looking to improve their evaluation practice....

Improving the Quality of Evaluation Data from Participants

I have had experience evaluating a number of ATE projects, all of them collaborative projects among several four-year and two-year community colleges....

Building Capacity for High-Quality Data Collection

As I, like everyone else, am adjusting to working at home and practicing social distancing, I have been thinking about how to...

Backtracking Alumni: Using Institutional Research and Reflective Inquiry to Improve Organizational Learning

In a recent blog post, we shared practical tips for developing an alumni tracking program to assess students’ employment outcomes. Alumni tracking is an effective tool for assessing the quality...

Excel Quick Data-Cleaning Tips

This 2020 guide provides quick data-cleaning tips in excel, including examples to address the what and how.

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