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Developing Questions for Effective Surveys

The use of surveys for data collection is ubiquitous in evaluation, so writing good survey questions is an essential skill for any...

Reducing the Outcomes Angst: A Step-by-Step Approach to Identify What to Measure

Deciding what to measure (and what not to measure) towards gathering evidence of impact can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t...

How Well are We Serving our Female Students in STEM?

You’d like to have more women enrolled in your technology programs such as nanotechnology and computer networking, but you aren’t sure how...

E-valuation: Assessing Webinars, Social Media, and Website Usage

ATE grantees are using the Web for outreach, instruction, professional development, dissemination, and more.  As the Web becomes more central to the...

ATE Google Analytics for Evaluation: Handbook & Benchmarks

This 2011 guide provides an overview of using Google Analytics for ATE evaluations, including results of a benchmarking study.

Developing and Validating Survey Instruments

You know your project’s goals. And you know you need to measure your progress toward reaching them. You probably even know whether...

Evaluation Data: So You Have to Do a Survey…

Evaluation Data: So You Need to do a Survey…. Who should you send your survey to? How many people? How can you...

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