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Evaluation Plan Development for Grant Writing

As dean of institutional effectiveness and grants I have varied responsibilities, but at heart, I am a grant writer. I find it...

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned, Part I – Working with Your Evaluator

When I assumed the PI-ship of the Scenario-Based Learning Project in 2006, I had worked closely with the prior PI as the...

Gratitude for our ATE Community of Practitioners

Recently a friend posted a blog whose theme was gratitude. Reading his blog caused me to reflect on gratitude in my own...

Building Effective Partnerships to Conduct Targeted Research on Student Pathways

My name is Will Tyson, associate professor of sociology at the University of South Florida. I am also principal investigator of PathTech...

A Rose Isn’t as Sweet by Any Other Name: Lessons on Subject Lines for Web Surveys

Survey developers typically spend a great deal of time on the content of questionnaires. We struggle with what items to include, how...

ATE Small Project Evaluation

All ATE proposals, except for planning grants, are required to specify a budget line for an independent evaluator. But the solicitation offers...

Strengthening Post Hoc Professional Development Evaluations

I am an educator; I’ve taught and worked in the field for more than 50 years. In recent years, much of my...

Look No Further! Potential Sources of Institutional Data

This blog entry is a follow-up to our article in EvaluATE’s Winter 2015 newsletter on the use of institutional data for evaluation...

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