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Management, Planning and Design | Webinar

Your ATE Proposal: Got Evaluation? (8/20/14)

A strong evaluation plan that is well integrated into your grant proposal will strengthen your submission and maybe even give you a...

Planning and Design | External Resource

A Checklist for Assessing the Sustainability of Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Projects and Centers

This 2012 checklist can be used to assess the sustainability of ATE projects and centers.

Planning and Design | Webinar

Build a Better ATE Proposal with Evaluation and Logic Models

A grant proposal that includes a strong evaluation plan linked to a sound project logic model will be reviewed more favorably than...

Data Collection & Analysis, Planning and Design | Webinar

How Well are We Serving our Female Students in STEM?

You’d like to have more women enrolled in your technology programs such as nanotechnology and computer networking, but you aren’t sure how...

Data Collection & Analysis, Planning and Design | Webinar

Reducing the Outcomes Angst: A Step-by-Step Approach to Identify What to Measure

Deciding what to measure (and what not to measure) towards gathering evidence of impact can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t...

Management, Planning and Design | External Resource

Evaluation 101: PI “To-Do” Checklist: Before Launching your Project Evaluation

This 2012 checklist created by Mentor-Connect will help ATE principal investigator's before launching their project evaluation, including a list of activities to do and to whom to engage.

Interpretation, Planning and Design | Webinar

Claims + Evidence: Assessing ATE Grant Outcomes

The 2010 ATE program solicitation says that PIs “should establish claims as to the project’s effectiveness, and the evaluative activities should provide...

Planning and Design | Webinar

Maximizing Evaluation Impact

Too often, evaluation reports serve little purpose beyond collecting dust on a PI’s shelf. Thoughtful, intentional planning for making use of evaluation...

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