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Assessment of Professional Development Activities Toolkit

The resources and tools below, developed by the FAS4ATE project, are intended for anyone who is involved in conducting and evaluating professional development activities, including PIs, co-PIs, and evaluators.

Leveraging Assessment & Evaluation for Student Success: Working Smarter Not Harder

Often professional development projects skip assessments because participants don’t want to take tests. However, assessment done well is integral to participant learning...

Evaluation Crash Course for Non-Evaluators

Do you have questions about evaluation? Like, what is it? Why is it required for projects funded by the National Science Foundation? How much does it cost? Who can do it? What does an evaluation look like? How can evaluation help me and my project?

The Art and Science of Asking Meaningful Evaluation Questions

There are no stupid questions, but some questions are better than others when it comes to framing evaluations. The best evaluation questions...

Increasing Evaluation Transparency through Positionality Statements

Values play an important role in evaluation. By values, I mean not just the value or merit of a project, but also...

Three Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Grant Proposal

During my twenty-plus-year professional career, I have participated in many grant applications. I have experienced the grant-seeking process from three perspectives: applying...

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