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Indicators and the Difficulty With Them

Evaluators that are working in education contexts are often required to use externally created criteria and standards, such as GPA targets, graduation...

Evaluation of NSF ATE Program Research and Development

This document presents a framework for evaluating design and development research. It was created by Hezel and Associates, and incorporates the NSF Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development.

Gender Evaluation Strategies: Improving Female Recruitment and Retention in ATE Projects

How can ATE project staff and/or STEM educators in general tell if the strategies they are  implementing to increase diversity are impacting...

Evaluating ATE Efforts Using Peer-Generated Surveys

During the course of evaluating the sustainability of NSF’s Advanced Technological Education program, I introduced a new method for creating evaluation surveys....

Evaluating Impact: How I Moved From Pipeline to Interstate

John Sener of Sener Knowledge LLC, an external evaluator for over a dozen ATE and other NSF grants over the past eight...

Overview of the Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development

This is a graphic overview of the Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development created in 2014.

Figures at Your Fingertips

In formative evaluation, programs or projects are typically assessed during their development or early implementation to provide information about how best to...

Your ATE Proposal: Got Evaluation? (8/26/14)

A strong evaluation plan that is well integrated into your grant proposal will strengthen your submission and maybe even give you a...

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