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Explore Community-Centric Fundraising to start Transforming Your Evaluation Work

Dear Evaluators: March 2020 was a tough month for all of us. We—Anna Rebecca (“AR”) and I (Molly)—were working as evaluators in...

What Gets Measured Gets Done: Exploring ATE Evaluators’ and Principal Investigators’ Attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Increasingly, evaluators and principal investigators (PIs) are anchoring their work in equity-focused, culturally responsive, and social justice ideals. But we in the...

Evolution of Evaluation as ATE Grows Up

Originally published on March 14, 2017. Featured on April 15, 2021, in our Throwback Thursday series. I attended a packed workshop by...

Institutional Research and External Evaluation: A Key Partnership for Successful Grants

Having worked as both institutional researchers and external evaluators, we want to share how the relationships between the institutional researcher, grant director,...

Innovation & Cooperative Evaluation

The cascading impact of COVID-19, the resulting global pandemic, and its effect on our daily lives have caused many shifts. For higher...

Brand Recognition with Color

Using color for brand recognition is an easy way to pull project branding into charts or reports. Why do you want to...

Building ATE Social Capital Through Evaluation Activities

“Social networks have value. Social capital refers to the value of social networks, or whom people know, and the inclinations that arise...

Getting Started with Your Evaluation Toolkit

This toolkit is intended for anyone who is getting started with a NSF ATE evaluation, including principal investigators (PIs) and evaluators who are new to evaluation.

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