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Doc: ATE Professional Development Evaluation

These are the handouts from Arlen Gullickson and Lori Wingate’s presentation at the 2008 Advanced Technological Education Principal Investigators Conference, including the...

Facilitating an Understanding of Advanced Technological Education Targeted Research Needs

Facilitating an understanding of ATE targeted research needs File: Click Here

2008 Fall

File: Click Here Type: Newsletter Category: Newsletter PDFs Author(s): Arlen Gullickson, Lori Wingate, Stephanie Evergreen

Evaluation Questions Checklist for Program Evaluation

Evaluation questions identify what aspects of a program will be investigated. They focus on the merit, worth, or significance of a program or particular aspects of a program. Unlike survey questions, they are not intended to derive single data points. Evaluation questions help to define the boundaries of an evaluation that are consistent with evaluation users’ information needs, opportunities, and constraints related to data collection, and available resources.

Rubrics for Assessing the Quality of ATE Developed Materials

Rubric for assessing the quality of materials developed by ATE File: Click Here

Guide for Improving Sustainability

Guide for improving sustainability File: Click Here

Recruitment and Retention in the ATE program

This report describes findings from current literature that helped our understanding of the general background issues surrounding recruitment and retention as well...

Evaluation Contracts Checklist

This 1999 checklist helps evaluators and clients to identify key contractual issues and make and record their agreements for conducting an evaluation.

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