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Making the Most of Your Evaluation: How to Use Evaluation Findings to Benefit Your Project

Join this webinar to learn how evaluation findings can be put to use for the benefit of ATE projects. We will address...

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Writing Evaluation Plans for ATE Proposals

Join this webinar to learn what pitfalls to watch out for when writing evaluation plans for grant proposals! In this webinar, we...

Adapting Evaluations in the Era of Social Distancing

In this webinar, we will share 10 strategies for adapting to this new evaluation reality.

Impact Evaluation: Why, What, and How

This webinar is an introduction to impact evaluation and how it can be realistically implemented in ATE projects.

Evaluation: The Secret Sauce in Your ATE Proposal

This webinar will cover the essential elements of an effective evaluation plan and show you how to integrate them into an ATE proposal.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Practical Strategies for Evaluator-Stakeholder Communication

In this webinar, participants will learn about innovative and practical strategies to improve communication between those involved in evaluation planning, implementation, and use.

Outcomes Evaluation: Step-by-Step

Bonus webinar! Join EvaluATE for one of our most popular webinars. Register today to save your seat and get ready to learn...

Basic Principles of Survey Question Development

In this webinar, participants will learn fundamental principles of survey question construction to enhance the validity and utility of survey data.

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