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Creating an Evaluation Scope of Work

One of the most common requests we get at EvaluATE is for examples of independent contractor agreements and scope of work statements...

Project Spotlight: Manufacturing Associate Degree Education in Northwestern Connecticut

A conversation with Sharon Gusky, an ATE PI at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Q: Your ATE project started just over a year...

2015 Fall

This is the pdf version of our Fall 2015 Newsletter. This issue is focused on getting started with evaluation, specifically for new...

2015 Summer

This is the pdf version of our Summer 2015 Newsletter File: Click Here Category: Newsletter PDFs Author(s): Corey Smith, Emma Perk, Lori...

An Evaluative Approach to Proposal Development

A student came into my office to ask me a question. Soon after she launched into her query, I stopped her and...

Survey Says Summer 2015

On average, ATE grantees spend 7 percent of their budgets on evaluation. Smaller projects spend smaller proportions of their awards on evaluation...

Evaluation Plan

An evaluation plan is “a written document describing the overall approach or design that will be used to guide an evaluation. It...

What should I do if my college’s procurement office won’t let me name an evaluator in my proposal?

DIY Evaluation Planning It is generally considered best practice to identify your intended external evaluator by name in an ATE proposal and...

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