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Example Project Logic Model

This 2018 guide provides an overview of a completed logic model to help users understand what elements they could include in their own project logic model.

Evaluation Responsibility Diagram

This 2018 guide provides an overview of evaluation responsibilities for the project staff, external evaluator, and combined responsibilities.

National Visiting Committee Handbook

This 2017 handbook provides guidance to those who are responsible for organizing, planning, or conducting NVC meetings.

Finding and Selecting an Evaluator for Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Proposals

This 2017 guide includes advice on how to locate and select an external evaluator.

Creating a Project Fact Sheet

This 2015 guide gives step-by-step directions to help you create a project fact sheet.

Evaluation Recommendations Guide

This 2013 guide provides helpful tips to use when writing evaluation recommendations.

ATE Google Analytics for Evaluation: Handbook & Benchmarks

This 2011 guide provides an overview of using Google Analytics for ATE evaluations, including results of a benchmarking study.

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