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Finding Opportunity in Unintended Outcomes

Working with underage students bears an increased responsibility for their supervision. Concerns may arise during the implementation of activities that were never...

Evaluation Procurement: Regulations, Rules and Red Tape… Oh My!

I’m Jacqueline Rearick, and I am a Grants Specialist at Virginia Western Community College where I support our NSF/ATE projects and sub-awards,...

Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned, Part I – Working with Your Evaluator

When I assumed the PI-ship of the Scenario-Based Learning Project in 2006, I had worked closely with the prior PI as the...

Air Travel: Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty

Have you ever been surprised when you get home from a work trip and realize how much it cost? There are a...

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I am a PI for an ATE national resource center and an ATE project. Over the past 15 years, I have dealt...

High-Impact, Low-Cost Evaluation for Small Projects

“Small Grants for Institutions New to the ATE Program” is a funding track specifically designed for community colleges that have not had...

Common Guidelines Offer New Opportunity to Frame Education Research and Evaluation

Hezel Associates is a research and evaluation firm with a long history of studying education innovations. As CEO, my colleagues and I...

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