It’s that time of year again, when we are just a couple of short months away from the due date for the next round of ATE proposals. Join us as we review the elements of an ATE proposal’s evaluation component and how to use it to strengthen your submission. We’ll discuss how to tie evaluation tasks to the grant’s goals and objectives and how to be sure the evaluation is responsive to NSF’s expectations for ATE projects and centers. Wondering how to incorporate evaluation into your budget? Need advice on how you can convey that you’ll use evaluation for project improvement? This webinar will help you integrate evaluation into your project work and clearly discuss the project-evaluation relationship in your proposal.

In this webinar, Liz Teles (of Teles Consulting and former co-lead for NSF’s ATE program) will share some helpful hints and fatal flaws related to evaluation plans in ATE proposals. Check out the one-page and expanded versions of her 10 Helpful Hints and 10 Fatal Flaws

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