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Maximizing Stakeholder Engagement by Bringing Evaluation to Life!

Melanie is CEO of SPEC Associates, a nonprofit program evaluation and process improvement organization headquartered in downtown Detroit.  Melanie is also on...

Tips for Evaluation Recommendations

This week I am in Atlanta at the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Summer Evaluation Institute, presenting a workshop on Translating Evaluation Findings...

Evaluation Recommendations

This is a one page list of helpful tips to use when writing evaluation recommendations.

Common Guidelines Offer New Opportunity to Frame Education Research and Evaluation

Hezel Associates is a research and evaluation firm with a long history of studying education innovations. As CEO, my colleagues and I...

Identifying and Involving Stakeholders in an Evaluation

An evaluation stakeholder is anyone with a stake in a program and its evaluation. This worksheet is intended to guide evaluators and program personnel in reflection and decision making around these issues.

HI-TEC 2014- Evaluation: A Key Ingredient for a Successful ATE Proposal

These slides were presented at the 2014 annual HI-TEC Conference.

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