Data Analysis

A Streamlined Codes-to-theory Model for Qualitative Inquiry (Figure 1.1 from Saldana, 2016)
Checklist to Evaluate the Quality of Questions by CDC
Choosing the Correct Statistical Test in SAS, STAT, SPSS, and R 
Likert-Type Scale Response Anchors
Sampling Strategies (Exhibit 5.6 in Patton, 2002)

Evaluation Reporting

Checklist for Assessing USAID Evaluation Reports
Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content by K. Robertson & L. Wingate
Clear Writing Checklist by CDC
Creating One-Page Reports Worksheet by E. Leeburg & L. Becho
Data Visualization Checklist by S. Evergreen & A. Emery
How to Make Horizontal Dumbbell dot Plots in Excel by S. Evergreen
How to Transform a Text-Heavy Report into a Visual-Lite Report by A. Emery
Interactive Chart Chooser by A. Emery
Options for Organizing and Reporting Qualitative Data (Exhibit 8.1 from Patton, 2002)
Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0 by J. Lyons & S. Evergreen
Recommendations That Rock by K. Hutchinson
You Can Be a Better Presenter by K. Hutchinson
You’re Invited to a Data Party by K. Hutchinson

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