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This is How “We” Do Data: Collect, Unravel, Summarize!

At this time of year (early spring), we at FLATE stop to review, tally, analyze, and aggregate our collected data from the...

Managing Your Evaluator

I am Elaine Craft, Director of the SC ATE Center of Excellence since 1995 and President/CEO of SCATE Inc. since 2005. My...

Reflections on the 2014 ATE PI Conference

Well, the 2014 ATE PI conference has come and gone. First, let us say thank you to AACC for again hosting a...

Figures at Your Fingertips

In formative evaluation, programs or projects are typically assessed during their development or early implementation to provide information about how best to...

Welcome to the EvaluATE Blog!

The EvaluATE blog is a way for you, the ATE community members, to share your knowledge and experience, particularly as it relates...

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