Resources for Writing Evaluation Plans for ATE Proposals

The resources and tools below are intended for anyone who is involved in developing proposals submitted to NSF’s ATE program, including grants professionals, PIs, co-PIs, and evaluators.

Evaluation Plan Checklist for ATE Proposals
Use this checklist to identify the main evaluation components to include in your proposal.

ATE Proposal Evaluation Plan Template
Use this template to guide the development of your evaluation section.

Finding and Selecting an evaluator for ATE Proposals
Use this guide to answer frequently asked questions when selecting an evaluator.

ATE Evaluator Map
Use this map to find current evaluators of ATE projects.

Data Collection Planning Matrix
Use this guide and fillable template to organize your evaluation activities and measures.

Evaluator Biosketch Template for NSF Proposals
Use this template to write your evaluator biographical sketch to include in your proposal.

Logic Model Template
Use this template to create a logic model to organize your project activities and outcomes.

Example Project Logic Model
Use this example to see how evaluation questions can be aligned with a project’s logic model.

Example Evaluation Timeline
Use this example timeline to see tasks associated with an evaluation timeline.

Relevant Videos and Webinar Recordings

Watch these short videos and 60-minute webinar recordings for further detail, explanation, and conversations about developing evaluation plans for ATE proposals.

Evaluation: The Secret Sauce in Your ATE Proposal (short video series)

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Writing Evaluation Plans for ATE Proposals (webinar recording)

Logic Models: Getting Them Right and Using Them Well (webinar recording)

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