One-Page Report Examples

South Seattle College Report

This one-page report was created by Emma Leeburg and Lyssa Wilson Becho, based on a 15-page evaluation report for South Seattle College. The intended audience was college administrators; the purpose was to provide an overview of the program to help make data-driven decisions.


Real-Time Evaluation Report

This one-page report was created by Beth Perry and Stephanie Wilkerson of Magnolia Consulting. This report provides a good overview ofIt stands out because of its strong branding, use of graphics, and storytelling.


Goodwill Industries Life Guides Report

This report was created by Lyssa Wilson Becho and Kelly Robertson for Goodwill Industries. It shows results from a qualitative and quantitative study on the Life Guides program.


Goodwill Industries Income Report

Created by Lyssa Wilson Becho and Kelly Robertson for Goodwill Industries, this report highlights income findings related to the Life Guides program. This one-pager can either stand alone or be combined with other one-page reports.


EvaluATE Webinar Report

Lyssa Wilson Becho and Emma Leeburg created this report to demonstrate clear section organization and strong use of color and charts.



This text-based one-page report shows another option. One-page reports do not have to be full of visuals. Cosgrove and Associates created this one-page report to highlight answers to evaluation questions.


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