According to the ATE Survey 2014, most project and center PIs meet with their evaluators occasionally or often. A striking difference between projects and centers, however, is that 22 percent of center PIs indicated they interacted continually with their evaluators, compared with just 4 percent of project PIs. At the other extreme, there were no center PIs who said they interacted only rarely with their evaluators, compared with 5 percent of project PIs.

Frequency of PI-Evaluator Interactions







Not surprisingly, the PIs who engage more frequently with their evaluators also spend more on evaluation. PIs who interact continually with their evaluators spend about three times as much on evaluation as those who do so only rarely.

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Corey Smith is a doctoral associate with EvaluATE. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in evaluation at Western Michigan University. His primary responsibilities with EvaluATE are to administer and manage the annual ATE survey, analyze data collected through that survey and produce reports, data snapshots and publications based on that data. PI’s may recognize his name from the flurry of nagging emails he sends about the annual survey each January through March.

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