Proposals for the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program are due October 5. If you are submitting a proposal, now is the time to get your evaluation plan in order. This issue of EvaluATE’s newsletter points you to several resources to help you with this task.

New Evaluation Guidelines for ATE Proposals

The National Science Foundation has issued a new solicitation for Advanced Technological Education (ATE) proposals. It includes important changes in the evaluation guidance. Check out these resources to help you put together a winning evaluation plan for your ATE proposal:

Finding an Evaluator: Demystified

You won’t find “evaluator” in the Yellow Pages. There is no list of NSF-vetted evaluators. Yet there are thousands of professionals who identify as evaluators. This situation can leave prospective ATE PIs who need evaluators for their proposals feeling mystified and frustrated about how to locate and select an evaluator for their ATE projects. Read EvaluATE’s new guide to Finding and Selecting an Evaluator to learn how to streamline your search for an evaluator for your ATE proposal.

Evaluators- add your information to the ATE Central Evaluator Map (

Not Allowed to Name an Evaluator in Your ATE Proposal?

Some institutions do not allow their faculty and staff to name an evaluator in a proposal prior to an award being made. If that is your situation, check out EvaluATE’s advice for DIY evaluation planning, as well as grants specialist Jacqueline Rearick’s tips for dealing with administrative red tape.


EvaluATE will award ATE Evaluation Fellowships to four ATE evaluators to enable them to attend the 2017 ATE Principal Investigators Conference. Learn more and this opportunity and how to apply from the ATE PI Conference section of EvaluATE’s website.​

The ATE Principal Investigators Conference is THE must-attend event of the year for anyone involved in the ATE program. Come to learn and network. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your lessons learned to help your ATE peers–check out the Call for Sessions.

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