and other resources to assist in proposal development and evaluation planning

To assist ATE proposers navigate the intersection of proposal development and evaluation planning, EvaluATE developed an Evaluation Planning Checklist for ATE Proposals. There is more to addressing evaluation in your proposal than including a section on evaluation. Information pertinent to your evaluation should also be evident in your project summary, references, results of prior NSF support (first part of the project description for those who’ve received NSF funding before), budget and budget justification, and supplementary documents. Organized by proposal component, the checklist provides details about what you need to know and do in order to integrate evaluation into your proposal. This checklist was originally released last fall. Since then, it has undergone revisions based on feedback from members of the ATE community.

We also recommend you read the advice of Elizabeth Teles, former ATE program co-lead and member of EvaluATE’s National Visiting Committee. You can access Dr. Teles’s 10 Helpful Hints and 10 Fatal Flaws: Writing Better Evaluation Sections in Your Proposals.

Another resource proposers may find useful is EvaluATE’s Logic Model Template. Preformatted with editable text boxes, this one-page document is designed so that you can quickly and easily modify it to suit your own needs. Logic models are useful for project development, evaluation planning, and monitoring progress.

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