This is John Sener’s evaluation context handout from the 2011 ATE PI Conference Pre-Conference workshop.

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John Sener

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CKO of Sener Knowledge, LLC

John Sener is the founder/CKO of Sener Knowledge LLC, a consulting practice which co-creates knowledge leading to positive change in education, learning, and society. He is the author of the book The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World (CreateSpace, 2012). He has extensive experience with evaluating NSF ATE grants. He has served as the external evaluator for the National CyberWatch Center since 2006; he serves as the external evaluator for the CyberWatch West regional cybersecurity ATE center, as the co-evaluator for the DeafTEC ATE National Center, and he has also evaluated several other ATE and other NSF projects. His career in education and training over the past 35 years is a unique mixture of broad practical experience and academic expertise. He holds a M.S. degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College.

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