The 2011 ATE PI Conference Pre-Conference workshop featured 2 rounds of small group discussions, one centered around evaluation contexts, and one centered around evaluation challenges. Each presenter spent a short time discussing their context or challenge, and then facilitated the discussion. Handouts for each challenge and context appear below.

Presenter Name Evaluation Context Evaluation Challenge
Terryll Bailey Professional Development Projects Using Findings to Make Decisions
Karl Kapp Curriculum Development Projects Obtaining Data from Individuals
Candiya Mann Multi-Site Projects Reporting and Dissemination
Joshua Morrill Small Projects/Small Budgets Finding/Using Sound Data Collection Instruments
Peter Saflund Resource Centers and Dissemination Projects Getting Data from Project Institutions
John Sener Evaluating Regional Centers Defining Measures of Impact and Effectiveness
Eboni Zamani-Gallaher Assessment of Student Projects Evaluating with Small Sample Sizes

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