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Showing 9 Results
Communication, Dissemination, & Use of Results | Template

Dissemination Matrix

This 2022 template assists project staff and evaluators in strategizing ways to disseminate findings from their project or evaluation to target specific audiences.

Management, Planning and Design | Template

ATE Proposal Evaluation Plan Template

This template is for use in preparing the evaluation plan sections for proposals to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program.

Management | Template

Evaluator Biographical Sketch Template for NSF Proposals

This 2017 template provides evaluators with an overview and visual guide of the different elements needed for an NSF evaluator biographical sketch.

Data Collection & Analysis, Management | Template

Evaluation Data Matrix Template

This template can help users to ensure that they have developed a viable plan for collecting all the data necessary to answer each evaluation question and that all data collected will serve a specific, intended purpose.

Planning and Design | Template

Logic Model Template for ATE Projects & Centers

This template is intended for ATE grantees to use and adapt a project logic model for their own projects.

Communication, Dissemination, & Use of Results | Template

Identifying Your NSF Project’s Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts Template

This template is intended to help project leaders and evaluators identify evidence of intellectual merit and broader impacts within their project.

Engagement | Template

Identifying and Involving Stakeholders in an Evaluation

This worksheet guides the identification and involvement of evaluation stakeholders in your project.

Communication, Dissemination, & Use of Results, Interpretation | Template

Establishing Claims and Providing Evidence of Effectiveness of ATE Grants Worksheet

This worksheet can help the user to identify important information that will satisfy claims they make about their program.

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