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Logic Models for Curriculum Evaluation

At the STEM Program at WestEd, we are in the third year of an evaluation of an innovative, hands-on STEM curriculum. Learning...

Evaluating New Technology

As a STEM practitioner and evaluator, I have had many opportunities to assess new and existing courses, workshops, and programs. But there...

Logic Models: Getting Them Right and Using Them Well

A logic model is a succinct graphic depiction of how a project translates its resources and activities into outcomes. A good logic...

Articulating Intended Outcomes Using Logic Models: The Roles Evaluators Play

Articulating project outcomes is easier said than done. A well-articulated outcome is one that is feasible to achieve within the project period,...

Logic Model Template for ATE Projects & Centers

This 2016 template is intended for ATE grantees to use and adapt a project logic model for their own projects.

Some of My Favorite Tools and Apps

The Formative Assessment Systems for ATE project (FAS4ATE) focuses on assessment practices that serve the ongoing evaluation needs of projects and centers....

Evaluation Plan Development for Grant Writing

As dean of institutional effectiveness and grants I have varied responsibilities, but at heart, I am a grant writer. I find it...

Evaluating Impact: How I Moved From Pipeline to Interstate

John Sener of Sener Knowledge LLC, an external evaluator for over a dozen ATE and other NSF grants over the past eight...

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