ATE Evaluator Funding Opportunity

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Were you hoping to attend the 2021 ATE PI Conference but it just isn’t in your budget this year? We have a solution for that, EvaluATE sponsors 12 ATE Evaluators to attend.

We cover up to $1,500 towards transportation, lodging, and conference/workshop registration fees (paid as reimbursement with appropriate documentation after the conference).

Applications are due September 8, 2021. Notification of awards will be made by September 10, 2021.


Pre-Conference Session

Stories Are Data: Analyzing and Reporting Qualitative Evaluation

Stories can add rich details and deep understanding to evaluations. Brené Brown has written, “Stories are data with a soul.” Many evaluators value a mixed-method approach, combining both numbers (quantitative) and stories (qualitative). This virtual workshop will take a deep dive into qualitative evaluation what it truly means to conduct an evaluation from a qualitative perspective, how you can fit meaningful analyses into tight budgets and short timelines, and what effective qualitative reporting looks like. Join us to discuss how you can infuse your evaluations with stories.

In this hands-on virtual workshop, participants will (a) learn how to embrace and make the most out of qualitative evaluation, (b) apply efficient analysis techniques for qualitative data, and (c) identify practical strategies for reporting stories to busy readers.

Conference Sessions

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Network Opportunity

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